Workshop facilitator: sex-positive, gender-affirming mxnstrual health

Starting in May 2018, I have partnered with other volunteers and staff at the Vancouver Women’s Health Collective to launch the Mxnstruation Matters series of knowledge circles.  Through a sex-positive, intersectional, and gender affirming lens I share information on:

  • genital and hormonal health
  • how to chart and understand the mxnstrual cycle
  • options for natural (non-synethic hormone) birth control
  • connecting to the lunar and seasonal cycles.

Mxnstruation is the 5th vital health sign in our bodies and communities.  I hope to pass along ancestral knowledge rooted divinity, wisdom, and inner power.  To schedule a workshop or ask about upcoming dates in your city or town email:

Previous Workshop Locations:

  • Vancouver Women’s Health Collective – Vancouver, BC
  • Period Huddle Conference – Vancouver, BC
  • Venus Envy sex shop and bookstore – Halifax, NS
  • Social Justice Institute, UBC – Vancouver, BC

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